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To completely thrive in life, is to acknowledge and develop every aspect of yourself.

Meet Bennalldra

Your Movement Guide to Knowing and Loving Your Body

I am an Integrative Movement Specialist and Birth Doula trained across multiple movement techniques.

I believe movement is our first universal language and that our body is our greatest teacher and vehicle of expression. I am passionate about teaching people how to tap into this expression so they can learn how to use their bodies to their fullest.

By joining me on this journey, we can co-create an individualized plan that caters to your specific needs and goals so you can continue to thrive.

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Are you ready to be balanced, optimized, vibrant and expressive?

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Bové is excited to partner with like-minded organizations and companies and design movement workshops and/ or embodied experiences for your group or upcoming community event.

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We ask so much of our bodies. How amazing would it be to do it all and feel great while doing it?! Let’s develop a unique program that addresses both your fitness, self-care, and rehabilitative goals so you can improve what you do and, most importantly, how you feel while doing it. 

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Let’s create the birthing experience that you have always envisioned using our comprehensive doula care services. We will develop a plan that supports you and your body before, during, and after the birthing journey.

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Bové offers comprehensive services to meet you where you are on your wellness and self-care journey. 

- Alicia Bauman-Morales

"Working with Bennalldra has been a game changer for me. She is extremely knowledgeable, perceptive and skilled at creating a session that is for me and my body. Bannalldra works holistically with multiple body systems and a nuanced awareness of emotion and thought and the ways these things are held in the body. I would recommend working with her to anyone who is interested in a deeper relationship with themselves, their bodies and their own wellbeing. You will be in good hands."

"Amazing holistic coaching"



- Maria Bauman

"Working with Benny is a gift. She really knows her exercise sciences like the back of her hand. And on top of that she is extremely responsive. I appreciate how Bennalldra really observes and takes in the specificity of how my body is moving and where I am stuck. Rather than use a cookie-cutter approach, she notices me and tailors her sessions to my challenges and strengths. I have never worked with someone who is so keenly observant and responsive. I can't recommend Benny more! "

"Gifted and Generous Practitioner"



- Marjani Forte-Saunders

"Bennalldra is one of the most intuitive, positive, and patient conditioning instructors I’ve ever worked with. She is also an accomplished dancer, so we share a sentiment around our bodies and the importance of rigorous practice and attention. Always deeply grateful for our work together, and consistently seeing growth in strength, flexibility, and endurance in my body from working with Bennalldra. "

"Deeply Grateful"



- Allison Stahl 

"Bennalldra is the most incredible teacher I have ever worked with, in Pilates, but also beyond Pilates. She has a talent for finding ways to connect with me so I'm not just doing the exercises, I'm understanding why I'm doing them, and what part of my body I'm both using and helping to do them. Working with Bennalldra has been a revelation and the best thing I have ever done for myself physically. She is a gift and I'm grateful to be able to work with her every week. "

"Unbelievably Talented Teacher"



- Rachel Simhon

"I'm a movement teacher and manual therapist and have had lots of injuries in the past so I am very picky about who I work with, and have worked with hundreds of therapeutic movement professionals. Bennalldra is the real deal! Her attention to detail is above and beyond what you find in other instructors and her manual skills and touch quality are a true gift during sessions. I hope to have the privilege of learning from her vast body of knowledge for years to come. "

"Above and Beyond"



- S.Y.

"Bennalldra is a true healer because she puts the power back into your hands! She has deep knowledge of the body, movement, and the body/mind connection, and can help guide you towards health and healing. I have seen Benny in both crisis and healthy states, and she has helped me each time. I recommend her with full endorsement and she has helped me overcome some of the most difficult physical ailments I have experienced. I attribute my resilience, in large part, to her expertise and care."

"True Healer"



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