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Let’s create the birthing experience that you have always envisioned using our comprehensive doula care services. We will develop a plan that supports you and your body before, during, and after the birthing journey. 

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We understand that giving birth isn’t just a one-day event; it is a journey that starts from the beginning of your pregnancy, and in some cases even before, to well beyond. 

We place equal value and attention on the time you are pregnant, the day you give birth and all the postpartum care that follows.

We also honor and respect the various ways people create families and the many versions of families. After all, only you decide what family means to you.

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During this period, there is lots to do and lots to plan, which can be extremely overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate birthing plans, nutritional needs, pain management and breath-work. We provide educational support about how your body is changing and what you and your family can do together to prepare for the big day. With years of movement coaching, dance training and multiple somatic certifications, Bové is uniquely positioned to get you as strong and aligned as possible to adapt to the physical changes you’ll experience.We provide multiple services to get your body prepared to support the birth that you’re imagining.


Our Doula services follow a three-step approach that ensures your pregnancy journey is as magical as possible.

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Day of Birth

We are with you on the day of delivery from the moment you are ready and we remain with you for a few hours afterwards. Our priority is to help you create the optimal environment for your baby to be welcomed into. Based on a plan co-created with you, Bové takes care of music, snacks, and all the support you need that day, whether you are giving birth as part of a partnership or as a single parent. We are there to make sure that your needs for that day are honored and are front-and-center. We will continue to be by your side for at least two hours after birth or until you, your family or team are ready to rest.


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We are there to re-cap the birthing experience so that together we can reflect on this important moment of time. We make space to unpack any surprises and/or big feelings that may have arisen during the laboring process. We are ready to help you synthesize and truly process this major moment. Most importantly we are there to help remind you of the “Yes, and” world that now exists for you: the world where you are now a parent and at the same time you are a person who needs to be cared for and supported as well. Bové also offers a full movement practice and physical education to help you navigate your postpartum needs. 

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How does this work?

next steps will depend on your needs, support timeline, and level of engagement 


Meeting 2: Deeper Discussion on Birthing Plans & Needs


To begin our journey together, we will start with a 30-minute consultation call to understand your needs.

Here is an example of how our journey may look together:

Each step after the consultation call will look unique to each mother, depending on what was discussed in our call.

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The Citywide Doula Initiative provides access to doulas for birthing families in New York. This Initiative provides pro bono doula care services to expectant New Yorkers in need.

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